Fujifilm Group New Global Branding Campaign: NEVER STOP

Unwavering commitment to achieving continued corporate growth

October 15, 2018


FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is today launching its “NEVER STOP” global branding campaign to communicate its diverse array of business operations as well as its corporate mindset continuing to take on new challenges.  The campaign begins today in Japan and the U.S., and will continue to roll-out at later dates in Europe, China and Southeast Asia. The NEVER STOP campaign's core message aims to highlight Fujifilm’s firm and unwavering commitment to achieving continued corporate growth and never stop building on our innovations and expertise. The campaign represents Fujifilm's success in transitioning itself from a company focused on photographic film to a company providing new value across a wide range of different fields, contributing to the resolution of various societal issues, while also affirming Fujifilm's commitment to continual innovation and growth.




As demand for traditional photographic film declined dramatically from the year 2000 onwards, Fujifilm took the bold decision to launch the "Second Foundation" of the company, greatly transforming the company's business structure. Following its successful reinvention, FUJIFILM Holdings is active not only in the field of photography, but also in a wide range of fields including the healthcare business, which incorporates medical devices, pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, cosmetics and other products, the highly functional materials business, which produces various materials including display materials, and the document business, which provides a wide range of solutions and services linking with multifunction devices and printers. In the healthcare industry in particular, Fujifilm is aiming to become a total healthcare company that covers all aspects of healthcare ranging from products focusing on prevention, including cosmetics and dietary supplements, through to products focusing on diagnosis, particularly diagnostic imaging, and products focusing on treatment such as pharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine products. Fujifilm continues to boldly take on new challenges in these areas.


In 2014, Fujifilm established “Value from Innovation” as its corporate slogan, declaring the company's commitment to continually producing innovative new technologies, products and services. In line with the slogan, the new global branding campaign entitled NEVER STOP highlights Fujifilm's commitment to providing new value through innovative advanced technologies, contributing to the solution of various issues facing society, while also declaring a commitment to never stop producing value through innovation, a strong statement of Fujifilm's ambition and approach which this campaign will communicate to people around the world.


By working innovatively to develop new products, services and technologies, which in turn will create new corporate value, the Fujifilm Group is working to contribute to the resolution of various issues facing society and enhancing the company's brand value.


NEVER STOP Concept Video 

The campaign's Concept Video illustrates how the Fujifilm Group overcame the disruption caused to its core business by the growing use of digital products and services to successfully take on new challenges to evolve into a technology company working in areas such as healthcare, highly functional materials, imaging solutions and more. The video showcases how Fujifilm will continue creating value from innovation and contribute to solving social challenges with unique and state of the art technologies.


Fujifilm has continued to search for new, advanced technical applications for the knowledge and technologies built up through the company's years of involvement in the photographic film industry, boldly branching out into new business areas. Fujifilm is committed to ongoing growth and innovation and will never stop evolving.