Total Ketone Bodies

Total Ketone Bodies

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Intended Use

The Wako Autokit Total Ketone Bodies is an in vitro assay for the quantitative determination of total ketone bodies [acetoacetone (AcAc) + 3 hydroxybutyrate (3-HB)] in serum or plasma.


Cyclic enzymatic

Special Features

  • High sensitivity enzymatic method
  • High specificity enzymatic method
  • Stable formulation
  • Easy to use on automated analyzers

Ketone bodies are substances that are metabolically produced from fatty acids in the liver. The ketone bodies assays are used for research to evaluate the concentration of ketone bodies.

The Wako Autokit Total Ketone Bodies is an in vitro assay for the quantitative determination of total ketone bodies in serum or plasma. The Autokit Total Ketone Bodies reagents produce measurements that have a high sensitivity and specificity by utilizing cyclic enzymatic reactions.


Automated Analyzer Applications

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Microplate Application

Autokit Total Ketone Bodies Microtiter Procedure

Product Information

Catalog No. Product Name Pkg Size Storage Condition
415-73301 Autokit Total Ketone Bodies R1 Set Thio-NAD: 2 x for 27 mL
Buffer: 2 x 27 mL
411-73401 Autokit Total Ketone Bodies R2 Set Enzyme: 2 x for 9 mL
Diluent: 2 x 9 mL
412-73791 Ketone Body Calibrator 300    
418-73891 Ketone Body Calibrator 40    

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