Autokit Glucose

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

    Intended Use

    The Wako Autokit Glucose is an in vitro assay for the quantitative determination of glucose in serum, plasma or urine.



    Enzymatic Colorimetric Method

    Special Features

    • Complete kit with reagents and standard
    • Measurement of glucose in serum, plasma, and urine
    • Linear up to 700 mg/dL

    Muller first demonstrated that b-glucose oxidase promoted the oxidation of glucose by molecular oxygen to gluconic acid. Franke and Lorenz discovered that hydrogen peroxide is simultaneously produced in this reaction. In 1956, first Kesteon and then Teller introduced the enzymatic methods for the determination of glucose, combining glucose oxidase (GOD), peroxidase (POD), and an oxygen acceptor (chromogen); which had high specificity and simplicity.

    FUJIFILM Wako has developed an enzymatic method (Autokit Glucose) for the measurement of glucose that combines the traditional glucose oxidase method with the enzyme mutarotose to facilitate the conversion of a-D-Glucose to b-D- Glucose.

    The FUJIFILM Wako Autokit Glucose is in vitro assay for the quantitative determination of glucose in serum, plasma, or urine.


    Automated Analyzer Applications

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    Microplate Application

    Autokit Glucose Microtiter Procedure

    Product Information

    Catalog No. Product Name Pkg Size Storage Condition
    997-03001 Autokit Glucose Buffer Solution:
    2 x 150 mL
    Color Reagent:
    2 x for 150 mL
    Standard Solution I:
    1 x 10 mL
    Standard Solution II:
    1 x 10 mL
    Calibrator is included in the kit.


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    Autokit Glucose

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