Fujifilm ED-580XT Duodenoscope

    Smooth instrument channel to ease advancement of the largest ERCP devices

    The Fujifilm ED-580XT Duodenoscope is designed to address challenges associated with access, exploration, and treatment of diseases in the pancreatico-biliary system by incorporating an unparalleled combination of:

    • Advance force transmission within the insertion tube
    • Exceptional distal tip articulation to gain and maintain access to the papilla
    • A smooth working channel
    • Direct elevator responsiveness to achieve cannulation efficiently.

    Improved Access for Cleaning

    The ED-580XT Duodenoscope features a removable single use distal end cap for easy access during cleaning, and a sealed elevator mechanism to help prevent bioburden build-up on and around the elevator wire.

    Advanced Visualization for Precision Cannulation

    From the visual orientation and field of view to the elevator movement, the ED-580XT Duodenoscope provides true precision and control during cannulation.

    The ED-580XT Duodenoscope runs on the ELUXEO Endoscopic Video Imaging System. Take advantage of ELUXEO’s innovative 4-LED Multi-Light illumination technology for the highest quality images, and video displayed in full HD. The ED-580XT Duodenoscope is also compatible with the Fujifilm VP-4440HD processor.

    Smooth Working Channel
    The ED-580XT Duodenoscope has a 4.2 mm working channel, allowing for smooth device passage and exchange.

    Advanced Force Transmission
    The design of the inner tube of the ED-580XT Duodenoscope allows a gradual firm to flexible taper, which provides advanced force transmission to maximize scope maneuverability inside the digestive tract.

    Elevator Responsiveness
    Movement of the elevator lever at the control knob on the ED-580XT Duodenoscope directly translates to the elevator responsiveness, allowing for smooth, precise positioning of instruments.

    Guide Wire Lock
    The guide wire lock of the ED-580XT Duodenoscope can hold multiple .035 guide wires securely in place, enhancing procedural efficiency.

    Optimal Viewing Angle
    The camera lens on the ED-580XT Duodenoscope is positioned to provide an optimal viewing angle and field of view, so focus can stay on instrument positioning for successful cannulation.

    Distal Tip Control
    The distal tip control of the Fujifilm ED-580XT Duodenoscope provides exceptional endoscope articulation.

    Improved Access for Cleaning.
    Fujifilm’s ED-580XT Duodenoscope features a removable single use distal end cap providing easy access during cleaning, as well as a sealed elevator mechanism which prevents bioburden build-up on and around the elevator wire.

    Exceptional Maneuverability.
    The Control Portion of the ED-580XT Duodenoscope features a G7 endoscope grip. The G7 grip is ergonomically designed to provide enhanced comfort with a rounded handle surface, enabling intuitive operation. The angulation of the buttons and knobs on the scope handle provide pressure relief – intended to minimize hand fatigue, optimize procedural performance, and provide more control at the distal tip.