Visionary healthcare technologies

With an organization the size of Fujifilm and its various healthcare divisions, it seems inevitable that our focus is on the big picture: the efforts needed to make regenerative therapies a reality; the technologies needed to spread the reach of diagnostic imaging across continents and cultures; and the informatics to link it all up.

Along the entire care pathway

It is each individual patient experience that drives our quest for innovative solutions to improve care.

The comfort of the woman during a breast exam; the anxious casualty relying on a doctor to get the answers as soon as possible; the anti-viral drugs to ease difficult months ahead – each technology is interacting directly with the person at the most basic human level. And we're entirely focused on doing this as effectively, as smoothly, and assuredly as possible, along the entire care pathway: prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Ever widening collaboration

The other side of the relationship is of course, the physician, the technician and a myriad of other medical professionals. Our technologies are constantly evolving to meet their needs too; uncomplicated, user-friendly interfaces, super enhanced imaging, and the means within these devices to share data, collaborate and discover.

Today and tomorrow

In this culture of ubiquitous information, we envision a future where the possibilities for better care are breathtaking. We're already getting glimpses – informatics linked worldwide, free from closed interests; advanced mobile ultrasound devices; and just over the horizon, cell structures cultured to repair and replace, and ultimately to generate entire organs.

If you thought you knew Fujifilm primarily as a photographic company, we think you'll see us in a new light now. We hope you'll understand a little more of our contribution and determination to bring all the talents and technologies of our entire enterprise to the service of contemporary healthcare. Constantly innovating, changing lives. That's Fujifilm.