Developing solutions from our core technologies


Fujifilm has successfully transformed its corporate structure for growth by expanding beyond the traditional photographic film business to six priority business fields, including healthcare – ranging from diagnostic imaging to regenerative medicine.

Our R&D innovations over the decades find us today with highly - specialized expertise in increasingly relevant technologies that inform modern healthcare.

Collagen, a component of film, plays an important role in regenerative medicine. Fujifilm developed a non-animal based recombinant peptide which is applicable as a safe extracellular matrix for a variety of cells and a broad range of medical applications.

For over 80 years Fujifilm has continually invested in research and development resulting in world-class, highly versatile fundamental core technologies.

These technologies and knowledge were accumulated in the photographic film business. Today this expertise allows Fujifilm to design and innovate new products and services for diverse businesses that will shape the future for Fujifilm.

We describe this birth of new applications and technologies from Fujifilm's extraordinary background of innovation as "leveraging fundamental core technologies."