Ultrasonic Radial Probe System

SP-900 and PB2020-M: Radial Endobronchial Ultrasound (rEBUS)

Fujifilm’s Radial Probe System is designed to provide real-time ultrasound imaging of targeted peripheral lung lesions prior to biopsy. The PB2020-M is a radial ultrasonic transducer that is inserted through the instrument channel of a bronchoscope, localizing the exact position of the lesion.

The SP-900 is a versatile and user-friendly ultrasonic processor, offering enhanced operability designed for a more precise and efficient examination. This small, lightweight system can be used as a stand-alone solution as well as part of a larger endoscopy system.

High resolution ultrasonic images can be obtained through the digital video signal output and digital corrections of the imaging artifacts.

The short distal rigid section enables the PB2020-M probe to be inserted smoothly into the upper lobe bronchus, even when the endoscope is bent.


Ultrasonic Processor for Radial Probe: SP-900

Ultrasonic Radial Probe: PB2020-M