Wireless Monitor System

Improve your OR experience with a Wireless Monitor System from Fujifilm.

The completely wireless monitor system (monitors, transmitter/receiver, and display stand) offered by Fujifilm leads the industry with a unique combination of advanced technology capabilities and features to support your drive to improve visualization, workflow efficiency, workplace safety, and lower operating costs.

    Rely on Radiance Ultra Monitors for Exceptional Visualization

    Exclusively engineered by NDS, state-of-the-art TruColor technology found in the Radiance® Ultra TrueColor 32” monitor maximizes 1080p camera images to provide an endoscopic visualization experience that enhances video output with an expanded spectrum of exceptionally vivid colors that more accurately resembles anatomy the human eye would visualize during an open surgical procedure. 

    TruColor with Medi-Match™ color calibration assures consistent image quality and accurate color reproduction. The result is a 1080p display with the next-generation color performance to rival that of a 4K display.

    The Radiance® Ultra 27” endoscopic monitor is engineered with LED backlight technology that produces the brightest typical luminance level to enable deep abdominal illumination, overcoming glare and reflection in high ambient light environments. The Radiance Ultra 27” monitor also comes equipped with Medi-Match™ color calibration to assure consistent image quality and accurate color reproduction. The result is outstanding endoscopic video image performance.

    Efficiency and Safety

    The Radiance Ultra Series of endoscopic monitors is available with an optional built-in ZeroWire® receiver. When paired with the ZeroWire® Mobile battery-powered stand, the combination becomes the world’s first and only truly cordless and wireless mobile endoscopic solution (patent pending). To eliminate display scratches caused by IV poles or surgical light heads, the Radiance Ultra Series of monitors has scratch-resistant, splash-proof, edge-to-edge glass that includes an industry exclusive 10-year scratch-resistance guarantee.


    • Optimized for 1080p endoscopy
    • Ultra-wide gamut color calibrated
    • Advanced imaging capabilities
    • Cleanable splash-proof design
    • 10-year scratch-resistant-glass guarantee
    • ZeroWire® embedded receiver optional


    Radiance Ultra TruColor 32″ Display w/ Primary Board, ZeroWire Embedded 90R0115


    ESS Radiance Ultra 32” Monitor Specifications

    ESS Radiance Ultra 27” Monitor Specifications

    Medical-grade HD Video Wireless System

    Make your move to a revolutionary third-generation advanced wireless HD-video system that supports your drive to improve patient outcomes, workflow efficiency, workplace safety, and help lower operating costs.

    Designed for user-friendly operation, ZeroWire® G2 delivers full HD-video transmission and reception without noticeable video delay. With ZeroWire G2, your clinical team can enjoy greater mobility and positioning flexibility with wireless video imaging. The elimination of cables can enhance safety and patient care and support turnaround time efficiency.

    Once the simple link process is completed between a ZeroWire G2 pair, an automatic pairing logic keeps the two units linked between power cycles. An advanced, built-in video scaler processor in ZeroWire G2 enables virtually any HD-video source to be plug-and-play compatible. 

    The upward angled front face of the ZeroWire G2 directs the Radio Frequency (RF) signal above obstructions towards the ceiling to maximize continuous wireless performance even under the most demanding conditions.

    ZeroWire G2 Pair (Tx & Rx) 90T2070
    ZeroWire G2 Receive (Rx) only 90T2071
    ZeroWire G2 Tranmit (Tx) only 90T2072


    ZeroWire G2 Specifications

    ZeroWire® Mobile is a revolutionary secondary monitor stand. It’s the only medical-grade battery-powered display stand designed specifically for use in the endoscopy environment.  By eliminating display cables, and the need to clean and maintain cables, ZeroWire Mobile can minimize tripping hazards, enhance procedure room ergonomics, improve staff safety, and help reduce room turnaround times. The small footprint of ZeroWire Mobile also offers flexible positioning for both the physician and nurses.

    When used in conjunction with ZeroWire G2 and/or ZeroWire Embedded wireless technology, ZeroWire Mobile becomes a truly cordless and wireless endoscopy solution (patent pending). This Solution is ideally suited for use in both Endo/GI procedure rooms as well as operating rooms during laparoscopy.

    ZeroWire Mobile supports two sealed and cleanable power modules to power an NDS display for up to five hours continuously. When the batteries run low, a visual and audible alarm indicates the need to hot-swap to a fully charged battery from the wall-mounted charging system.


    • Optimized for endoscopy applications
    • Promotes ergonomics and safety
    • Small footprint in clinical space
    • Easy setup and maneuverability
    • Supports ZeroWire wireless
    • U.S. Patent pending solution

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    ZeroWire Mobile (assembly required) 90Z0161



    ZeroWire Mobile Specifications