Technology Highlights

Enhance your clinical workflow by making the seamless creation, management, and distribution of medical images and videos a consistent reality in your operating room, interventional or endoscopic suites. Below are a few examples of how you can integrate using the technological leadership of Fujifilm and its partners.


Optimize your hybrid operating room control room

This control room solution for interventional surgery enables command of up to six individual sources on a single integrated display.

No longer do you need an excess of monitors, keyboards or mice. The intuitive interface allows you to manage source selection and define preset configurations.

Reduced clutter and complexity results in higher efficiency and more flexibility in your interventional control room.

In-Wall Console

Save space for patient-first care

Operating room space is exceedingly valuable. Maximize it with our seamless in-wall console.

This large touch-panel and monitor can be installed away from the clinical floor space. As a result, staff safety and workflow efficiency will be vastly improved. 

What’s more, it can be easily retrofitted to any existing operating room, with minimal downtime.

Enterprise Imaging

Capitalize on your Synapse PACS/VNA Purchase

Fujifilm, with decades of experience in medical informatics and enterprise imaging has proven to be a technological leader in unifying workflows and improving departmental efficiencies.

Leverage your existing investment in Fujifilm Synapse products. Eliminate the need for a PACS computer in your operating room with Intelligent Launch, a component that enables seamless integration with the Synapse Mobility Viewer and in-room routing of all diagnostic PACS images. 

Why be hampered with burdensome departmental storage silos just for surgery and endoscopy? With the Fujifilm Synapse Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), you can readily access a complete patient imaging record.

Surgical Analytics

Make your data actionable

Take control of your surgical data. Improve quality and safety in your operating room. Fujifilm’s vendor neutral infrastructure accelerates actionable results from image and video analytics. 

You can also improve surgical performance with our surgical content management system. The combination of automatic recording from a clinical video source and a room camera enables a completely holistic view of the event, in concert with key procedural data (e.g. videos, procedural events, and checklists). 

Advance your Endoscopic Suite

For interoperative endoscopy and advanced therapeutic procedures, endoscopists want best in class options for imaging.

View images in a multitude of formats on the surgical or wall monitor. Select any source (endoscopy, endoscopic ultrasound, impedance planimetry, Vitals, MR/CT, Room Camera) to be placed on any monitor destination.

Seamlessly integration images into your endo-writing software and securely broadcast live endoscopic content to any networked destination.

In-room cameras capture team dynamics for teaching purposes or quality improvement. View in-room dynamics and procedural video side-by-side for comparison using our solutions.