Trusted Technology Partners

The extraordinary partnership of three leading technology companies – Fujifilm, caresyntax, and Diversified – is empowering positive change in more than 8,000 operating rooms around the world. Our combined software and hardware integrations and services help drive improvements in patient outcomes and provide valuable insights into the kind of data-driven health solutions that care teams require every minute of every day.

Caresyntax solutions and services enable surgical teams to reduce patient, provider, and organizational risk using actionable clinical data, made available through a combination of data collection and data analytics technologies.

Trusted in over 8,000 operating rooms worldwide, caresyntax helps surgeons, their surgical teams and healthcare executives to improve patient safety, care quality, and manage risk, resulting in improved outcomes in over 10 million procedures per year.

Diversified is enabling a digital future — connecting people, technology and experiences, where and when it matters most. Nowhere is this connection more vital than in today’s healthcare environments. Digital screens and the content they share are the modern interface of today’s communications. Whether it’s delivering real-time information to a surgical team, updating an anxious family in the waiting area, or helping guide a patient to a critical consultation, Diversified’s solutions are experienced every day throughout leading global healthcare organizations. Our dedicated team of medical innovation professionals understand the unique challenges of reducing costs while helping healthcare facilities improve patient care. We partner with your organization to deliver solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and assets—solutions that improve workflows and stakeholder awareness, all while achieving the ultimate goal of an enhanced patient and family experience.