Our Value

Enhance your clinical workflow by enabling the seamless creation, management, and distribution of medical images and videos.

Fujifilm Systems Integration by the numbers

As our expertise grows, so does the reach of the technical advantage and the customer service and support that we can provide to operating rooms around the globe.

Top 5 reasons to select Fujifilm Systems Integration:

  1. ENSURES A SEAMLESS CLINICAL WORKFLOW WITH COMPLETE IMAGE CHAIN MANAGEMENT – Between our history of innovation in diagnostic imaging and our technological advancements in medical informatics, Fujifilm has become the leader in end-to-end image management across multiple platforms.

    Fujifilm’s information technology (IT) experience is best in KLAS!

  2. GIVES YOU COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT - As a leader in medical informatics, Fujifilm can improve your total cost of ownership by skilfully anticipating future technology. That, in turn, will enable you to control your costs today.

  3. PROVIDES A FIRM GRIP ON ENHANCING OPERATING ROOM UPTIME – Our remote global services extend your ability to solve problems even before they occur. That can significantly decrease downtime, increase uptime, and ensure more confidence in your investment. 

  4. DELIVERS A PARADIGM-SHIFTING CHANGE WITH OUR IN-WALL ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTION - Our zero-footprint console requires minimal cabling and improves staff safety and workflow efficiency. It’s a true disruptive technology for your operating room.

  5. UNLOCKS DISPARATE DATA AND CAPTURES NEW DATA SETS– Our vendor neutral infrastructure safeguards patient wellbeing while improving patient outcomes through more effective clinical applications, a more automated and streamlined workflow, improved surgical analytics, and artificial intelligence technology that enriches clinical decision-making. 

Reduce Your Long Term Cost of Ownership

Fujifilm understands the unique challenges its customers face in trying to reduce costs while working hard toward improving clinical outcomes. Our consultants are ready to work with you to deliver solutions that integrate your existing assets, drive down operational costs, and help you improve the day-to-day experiences of patients and staff members alike.

Reduce Costs

  • Integrate specialty departments and consolidate storage silos by capitalizing on your existing investment in the Fujifilm Synapse portfolio. Eliminate the need for a PACS computer in your operating room with Intelligent Launch, a component that enables seamless integration with the Synapse Mobility Viewer and in-room routing of all diagnostic PACS images. Improve the recall efficiency and reduce the cost of keeping images and videos stored over the long term.  
  • Integrated/built-in image capture - No need to purchase multiple separate image capture solutions for each operating room. We offer integrated quad-channel recording, twice the power of a dual-channel capture box, resulting in one less failure point and configuration need for information technology (IT) staff. 
  • Service access outside operating room maximizes uptime - eliminate on-site service techs and predict issues before they occur through our active remote service platform. Relying less on expensive headcount within the hospital is more cost efficient, keeps your uptime up, and helps decrease contamination. 
  • Improving Workflow - Research from integrated suites shows time savings of 59 minutes saved per day, which equates to 1.4 additional procedures each day on average, or over $300K additional revenue per operating room compared to a traditional operating room [1-2].
  • Video over IP versus standard A/V integration - AV over IP (AV/IP) provides scalable multi-room switching that is expandable over time, accommodating as your needs grow.


  1. Van del et al – interop efficiency in MIS – 2009. 23:2332-2337
  2. Hisao – Time Management in the Operating Room: An Analysis of the Dedicated MIS Surgery Suite, JSLS 2004. 8: 300-303.

Why Fujifilm Systems Integration?

The interoperability between images generated and the need for effective storage can pose a problem for any imaging department. Prompt and seamless communication for clinical documentation, reimbursement and other functions has not always been an option. Antiquated technology in the operating room—including cable clutter—too often can take time away from patient care and present a workflow and safety hazard. It can also be more costly to maintain and repair. We have a solution for that.

Value-Based Solutions for Improved Patient Care

Protect and future-proof your long term investment.

Would you like to spend your time searching for images? Troubleshooting equipment? Our comprehensive image management solutions enhance both clinical and IT workflows, and bring economic value to your administrative staff and capital investment planners. In short, our data-driven integration options provide the visibility you need to achieve the highest levels of patient care.

Value to Clinicians

Maximize the way you deliver care

  • Share insights through multi-cast video streaming and bi-directional audio (teleconferening)
  • Plan for your case proactively by launching and routing historical PACS images before any other decisions are made
  • Reduce redundancy in documentation and reporting
  • Harness the internet of medical things within your surgical suite allowing for more automated workflows 

Value to Information Technologists

Unite Siloed Systems to Achieve True Interoperability

  • Enable more robust clinical informatics and systems analytics
  • Enable real-time remote system monitoring
  • Through the integration with our Fujifilm Synapse Portfolio, completely eliminate the need for management of a separate surgical media repository

Value to Hospital Executives

Ensure that your technology investments result in heightened efficiencies and enhanced effectiveness

  • Enable improved patient safety through surgical checklists and analytics
  • Expedite room turnover
  • Reduce costs through flexible information technology (IT) deployment options
  • Leverage your existing investments in Fujifilm endoscopy, enterprise imaging and modality solutions

Value to Equipment Planners and Architects

Design Considerations for your operating room construction project

  • Flexibility of Installation Options including our In-Wall Console
  • Capitalize on the benefits of AV over IP  (AV/IP) Standardization
  • Take part in our American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Series program