Continuing Education

Fujifilm Systems Integration is a Continuing Education Series (CES) provider for The American Institute of Architects, offering our course on Operating Room Systems Integration. 

Design Considerations for Technological Advancements in Operating Room Systems Integration

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Outline the evolution of digital operating rooms and discuss how systems integration can result in higher quality patient care and improved efficiency
  2. Discuss video transmission standards in the OR and how disparate standards can cause hazardous issues with video, audio, and data formats necessary to OR procedures
  3. Explain the benefits of Internet Protocol (IP) standardization, including reduced cost, simplified OR design, and seamless connection for a wide variety of technologies
  4. Evaluate current IP-based solutions in the OR for their ability to eliminate hazards, optimize space, and conform to hygiene and disinfection requirements

In digital operating rooms, systems integration is vital to ensure all of the various technologies used during procedures are connected and accessible. Join us in this one-hour course as we discuss the many benefits of Internet Protocol standardization, including improved efficiency and patient care.  Participants will learn about several current IP-based systems in the OR that optimize space and integration, such as centralized IT closets and in-wall solutions.

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