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Customer Testimonials and Site Profiles

Safety and Portability are Key to Imaging Pediatric Patients at Adventist Health White Memorial

Digital X-rays are often a top priority in the diagnosis and treatment of little patients. That's where Fujifilm's FDR Go portable digital radiography system plays a key role.

Long-view digital radiography improving the lives of pediatric patients

Driscoll Children's Hospital with leading digital X-ray capabilities was only missing one solution: a long-length DR detector that could bring a single exposure capture with high quality images at low dose.

Portable DR in the NICU: Safety for the Most Precious of Patients at Children's Hospital

Radiation dose is one of the top concerns in imaging today, and since younger patients are the most vulnerable, reducing dose in pediatric imaging is especially important.
Children's Hospital and Medical Center Transformed their NICU Care with DR

Children's Hospital and Medical Center Transformed their NICU Care with DR

Kari Kunze, Radiology Supervisor at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, knew that bringing Mobile DR into the NICU could change the quality of Children's neonate care.

Enterprise imaging spurs a bold vision of unparalleled care for countless kids in Northeast Ohio

Learn how Enterprise Imaging (EI) with Fujifilm has enabled Akron Children's Hospital to enhance patient care.

FUJIFILM Innovations in Digital Radiography and Dose Reduction

As a pioneer in digital x-ray, Fujifilm maximizes workflow efficiencies and provides exceptional image quality at a low dose.



Fujifilm Digital X-ray Pediatrics Solutions eBrochure

Fujifilm Digital X-ray Pediatrics Solutions eBrochure

This eBrochure provides a high level overview of the unique benefits offered by Fujifilm’s Pediatric Solutions, and offers a closer look at the various digital x-ray detectors and portable solutions available to you.

Fujifilm Enterprise Imaging Pediatrics Solutions eBrochure

Explore Fujifilm's Enterprise Imaging Pediatrics portfolio to see how our unique solutions can improve performance, workflow, and data security in your pediatric settings.


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