How to Order Tests

FUJIFILM Wako's HCC risk biomarkers, AFP-L3 and DCP are the only available blood tests for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use for HCC risk assessment in the United States and Canada. Both biomarkers have their unique CPT codes. Major reference laboratories in the United States currently offer both AFP-L3 and DCP tests*. These tests can be ordered in combination using a single test code as an HCC risk panel.

These tests can also be ordered from Canada. For information on how to order the tests in Canada, please contact at Customer Service.

Please be sure to specify the laboratory test code when ordering the HCC risk panel, AFP-L3 and/or DCP to obtain results for in vitro diagnostic use. Ordering by name only may result in other tests being run, that may not be for clinical diagnostic purposes.

Download "HCC Risk Assessment Biomarkers At a Glance" (pdf)

Reimbursement Codes in the USA

CPT code AFP-L3 82107
DCP 83951