Rigid Surgical Scopes

Outstanding image clarity and durability

Fujifilm offers a range of rigid tele-laparoscopes as well as its Ultra-Slim Video Laparoscope EL-R740S.

Be confident using Fujifilm tele-laparoscopes, engineered to provide optimal FULL HD image quality with durable construction to deliver true value in innovation for your practice.  Each tele-laparoscope in the Fujifilm surgical scope portfolio is designed for exceptional performance, leveraging its high-quality optical technology to deliver homogenous and sharp-edged illumination, clear and bright images, a wide range of contrast, and outstanding color reproduction.  

Operational efficiency and durability are evident throughout the engineering of Fujifilm tele-laparoscopes. The illumination fibers are fastened strain free, and the scopes are engineered to experience no tensile stress during the autoclaving process. Combined with the expertly welded outer tube, each tele-laparoscope is sealed tight, providing a long life cycle for the optical components and resulting in a low cost of ownership.


HD Tele-laparoscope Specifications

Ultra-Slim Video Laparoscope

The Fujifilm Ultra-Slim Video Laparoscope EL-R740S is engineered with proprietary Super-Honeycomb CCD technology, a revolutionary pixel design that delivers unsurpassed accuracy in detail, excellent color fidelity, and the sharpest HD display quality, so even the most subtle color changes in lesions can be quickly identified.

The Fujifilm Super-Honeycomb CCD chip is 45% smaller than a traditional CCD chip, allowing for the Ultra-Slim Video Laparoscope to be thinner and lighter, making its comfortable ergonomic design easier for the physician and the patient during procedures.


Outstanding Image Quality

  • Ultra-Slim diameter distal end 3.8mm
  • "Chip on the Tip" HD Digital image processing and Super Honeycomb CCD
  • Autofocus free range 3mm – 120mm
  • Auto White Balance setting and Auto Light Illumination setting
  • Less-Fogging with optimal illumination with lens packages

Operational Efficiency

  • Low profile ergonomic handle increases user comfort and maneuverability
  • All-in-one single smart design for easy reprocessing and preparation
  • Autoclavable with reliable hygiene properties

ESS Ultra-Slim Laparoscope Specifications