Minimally invasive procedures are designed to reduce pain and scarring, and are associated with shorter hospital stays, fewer complications and faster recovery time — all of which contribute to improved patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Drawing on our medical imaging and optical technology expertise, Fujifilm is uniquely positioned to bring exciting, new advances to the field of minimally invasive surgery.

We market a complete range of minimally invasive systems and accessories designed to meet the needs of surgeons across the clinical spectrum. The Fujifilm product portfolio is engineered to revolutionize the conventional minimally invasive endoscopic procedure and to raise the standard of patient care.

Unparalleled technology

With a “patient-first” philosophy in mind, we develop innovations focused on practical applications that can be used in everyday patient care. Fujifilm technologies are designed to allow surgeries to be performed with less pain while reducing recovery times and improving outcomes. Our ultra-slim video laparoscopes use a proprietary Super Honeycomb CCD technology, which provides physicians with unsurpassed image sharpness. Lightweight and ergonomic, these exceptionally slim laparoscopes rival the competition by improving clinical workflow, lessening physician fatigue, and potentially reducing the size of incisions.

Long-term vision

We envision a future where even the most challenging surgeries are gentler on patients and easier on physicians.

We’re bringing innovation and efficiency to a new level with the introduction of our ELUXEO® Surgical System, allowing minimally invasive surgical endoscopy and advanced flexible endoscopy procedures to be performed in the same suite using a single cart.

With the American Board of Surgery’s requirements for surgeons to be trained in flexible endoscopy, and the rise in surgeons’ use of flexible endoscopy, the ELUXEO Surgical System is poised to disrupt the industry, empower enhanced procedural workflow, and optimize space in surgical suites.

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