Digital radiography

Radiography continues to play a central part in diagnosis and patient care, the latest refinements in digital radiography, dramatically reducing dose, optimizing outcomes and increasing workflow.

Optimal clinical outcomes

Image quality directly impacts clinical outcomes. Speed to diagnosis depends on interpretation accuracy. At the same time, sharp images have traditionally necessitated higher radiation dose, a risk for both clinicians and patients.

Yet, Fujifilm delivers image quality and dose efficiency with advanced technologies: Virtual Grid®, Dynamic Visualization™, Noise Reduction and Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS).

Improved productivity

Reliability is one of the most important characteristics for an imaging system. When a device isn't available, treatment can be delayed, impacting a patient's care and overall experience. Having equipment you can trust to perform day-in and day-out is critical to the functionality and efficiency of the radiology department. Our range of digital X-ray systems are durable, reliable and built for easy operation.

Patient safety

With safety considerations paramount, radiation exposure to the patient has been reduced by up to 50% using Fujifilm's Virtual Grid™ technology. Fujifilm also provides an added safety measure against hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) with its FDR D-EVO™ II, digital radiography detector, and FDR AQRO with exclusive Hydro AG™ anti- bacterial coating.

Fujifilm is dedicated to improving image quality while advancing dose-lowering technologies and providing safe healthcare standards for patients.

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