Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging continues to play a central role in diagnosis and patient care. The latest refinements in digital radiography (DR) and computed tomography (CT) can help providers improve patient experiences and change lives.

Optimal clinical outcomes in radiology

Today’s radiology professionals understand that image quality directly impacts clinical outcomes. Speed to diagnosis depends on interpretation accuracy. At the same time, sharp images have traditionally necessitated higher radiation dose, a risk for both care givers and patients.

From DR detectors to DR rooms to mobile DR solutions, we offer a wide portfolio of imaging solutions that maximize workflow efficiencies and provide exceptional imaging and performance.

Each system is engineered to deliver image quality and dose efficiency with advanced technologies in digital radiography: Virtual Grid™, Dynamic Visualization™II, Noise Reduction and Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) are a few examples of forward-thinking innovations incorporated in the pursuit of our continued focus in general radiology and pediatric imaging.

The continual investment in research and development to meet the needs of clinicians and caregivers has provided the expansion into new domains of specialized imaging such as the Surgery Suite. The FDR D-EVO GL Panel is the first DR detector, allowing for complete spine imaging for surgeons to confirm alignment and access live measurements. Our full suite of products includes the FDR-D-EVO II digital detectors with our unique infection control antibacterial coating, FDR-GO Plus portable radiographic system with its compact and agile design, along with MS Synapse 3D comprehensive collection of advanced visualization and analysis tools - are all proving to be essential for surgeons.

We apply those same principles to the Persona CT, an advanced 85cm CT solution offering a scalable solution with high-sensitivity image acquisition technologies. Its PixelShine deep learning image solution ensures that the Persona CT scans are precise and offered in high resolution with as little noise as possible*.

Specialized Imaging Solutions

We understand that a one-size-fits-all solution is not practical in medicine today. That is why we devise specialized imaging solutions for unique patient populations including pediatrics, long-length imaging and solutions designed for imaging in the operating room.

Treatment Planning Simulation

Our 85cm bore CT optimally matches the rotational arc of the linear accelerator—offering easy and precise positioning options for simulation of treatment planning. With our CT solution paired with Synapse® 3D applications we are rising to meet radiation oncology demands without compromising diagnostic image quality. Fujifilm is dedicated to improving image quality while advancing dose lowering technologies and providing safe healthcare standards for patients

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* Compared to traditional Filter Back Projection method