Assisted Reproductive Technology

Since the first successful in vitro fertilization in 1978, advances in reproductive medicine have occurred at lightning speed—empowering millions of individuals to have children of their own. However, the need for reproductive assistance is steadily increasing as an estimated one in six couples are likely to experience fertility challenges in their reproductive lifetime, making it imperative for clinical laboratories to increase pregnancy success rates, reduce the need for repeat treatment cycles, and offer cost-effective treatments.

Innovating to help build families.

To meet these demands, here at FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific Inc., we continuously seek ways to solve these challenges through innovation. We recognize the critical role reproductive products play in helping to foster life at the most vulnerable phases of development. Our complete workflow solutions of advanced assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are designed to increase pregnancy rates through innovation, and to safeguard precious life with media of the highest quality, consistency, and reliability in the industry.

We will continue to meet the evolving needs of the reproductive medicine community and help patients successfully achieve their dreams of a family.